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  • Developer: Bytedance Pte. Ltd
  • Category Video editor
  • Version: 5.4.0
User Rating: Rating 4.75

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Release Date
Apr 10, 2020
Bytedance Pte. Ltd
Video editor
Windows Desktop

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CapCut - Video Editor - Download CapCut

Jason Evangelho

CapCut Windows is a free video-editing program that has easy to use features for both beginners and experts. The intuitive interface means you can get making your own videos in no time at all! Capcut enthusiasts with an app available on IOS or Android devices, which allows users cut footage from any format including HD quality footage . There are two different pricing tiers - one costing $0.99 whilst another offers more robust capabilities involving extra tools such as motion graphics package amongst others offered by pro version priced differently depending upon what exactly suits customer needs best. CapCut PC is the only tools you need to make professional looking videos.It includes features such as being able to trim beginning and end of a video file, insert clips between two other videos or audio files easily.

With CapCut PC, you can easily edit your videos and create professional-looking polished content in a few minutes. This software has an easy trimming tool that makes it easier to remove unwanted parts from video without having any knowledge about how movies work! You also get tools like titles/ Credits scripters for making slideshows or text objects which are perfect if this is just one component of something bigger than what they're used at present time (i e there's another presentation coming up).


CapCut's simple and easy-to use interface has five main buttons that access the most important modules: cut, copy, paste, delete and insert. There are also various other options like stickers for added creativity or adding text in different sizes to your film!. The three sections within this program include workspace where you can do all of these things plus preview window so it’s always possible see what will happen before actually making changes on screen which makes editing much smoother.

Using CapCut

With an intuitive interface and simple functions, CapCut is the perfect video editor for anyone to use without any special computer skills. The only issue I found was when you're adding text over videos in order not have it automatically switch layouts; however this could just be because my personal preference wasn't set correctly so maybe there would've been another option nearby on screen which allowed me more freedom during editing?

This app is so easy to use! The interface has a simple and intuitive design that will make you feel like your in control of the video quickly. There are no complicated controls, just lots of useful features for beginners or experienced users alike- such as being able adjust duration on project clips along with adding effects transitions sound files etc.. The timeline itself provides an excellent way Of dragging material between them while still maintaining its original order which makes editing much easier than other programs where everything needs reshuffle once moved around -also nice thing about here: one can add more tracks simply by clicking into individual sections within each marked out region instead of manually adding it.


The software product is a fairly simple editor, it doesn't have too many features. I would've liked to see more options in the app for editing my films but this should still doable!


This software product has a variety of helpful tutorials for beginners. The instructions are easy to follow and help you learn about all the features in no time at all!


  • Is there any difference between the Lite and Standard versions?
    The Lite version is absolutely free and has limited features. Standard version is more advanced and has all the features.
  • Can I use it on my Windows PC?
    Yes, you can use it on deskop or laptop.
  • Does CapCut computer Video Editor work on Mac?
    Yes it does but you need to follow different instructions.
  • Is it compatible with iPhone or iPad?


This app is great for anyone who needs to edit videos. It's easy, powerful and has an abundance of features that make your job easier!



  • User Friendly Interface
  • Advanced fuctions and tools
  • It's free


  • Interface can be tricky for beginners.
  • Audio fetching not available from videos.

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